Fairmount offers the ideal solution for comprehensive receivables management. Our multi-level collection process is based on a clearly formulated debtor correspondence concept. Individually coordinated dunning tools ensure optimum results. The emotion-free and professional approach applied by Fairmount staff creates the conditions for maintaining the business relationship with your customer over the long term.

The key advantages
in this respect are
as follows:

Reduce costs for e.g. printing, stamps, envelopes and posting by having invoices sent by Fairmount by post and electronic (eInvoicing). Particularly in difficult times, however, it pays to look beyond the classic outsourcing process and examine not only direct costs but also the optimisation potential of the various processes. An analysis and optimisation of internal and external processes using a platform-based and on-demand concept can generate long-term advantages. Fairmount provides advisory services and transfers know-how, which is important for optimising these external and internal processes, from the electronic transfer of invoice data to posting and the relevant reporting.

Fairmount will also look after your dunning runs. The entire dunning process will be performed by professionals in your name and on your letterhead. We claim expenses and interest on your behalf, and will post and monitor incoming payments. In this way, Fairmount reduces your administrative costs and relieves you of time-intensive tasks that do not contribute towards your core business. On request, Fairmount will also transfer claims from debtors in default to the company's own receivables management system without delay.

Fairmount offers the ideal solution for comprehensive receivables management. In this context, Fairmount combines excellent methodological standards with strong industry competence and excellent technology know-how. Our services include:

- uncomplicated transfer of receivables
- customised multi-level dunning system
- transparent receivables management
- transparent customer on-line system

The multi-level collection process is based on a clearly formulated debtor correspondence concept. Accordingly, Fairmount dunning letters are optimally coordinated both in terms of text and contents. Depending on the product, debtor structure and stage in the dunning process, the various dunning letters can also be varied. In addition, you also have the option of working with Fairmount in designing the dunning letters. In this way, optimum results can be achieved with your product knowledge and our experience.

Fairmount has its own powerful and modern telephone centre. Both inbound and outbound calls are indispensable factors for ensuring more efficient processes in the customer relationship. Consistent and effective telephone calls at the early stage accelerate the collection process. Your customer is supported by experienced staff who has received psychological training, and who pursue the objectives of your company in a friendly and persistent manner, with the primary focus on collecting payments and maintaining the customer relationship. Early telephone contact with your customer not only increases cash flow but also saves time and money, as this approach often does away with additional dunning runs.

During the course of a court-based dunning procedure, Fairmount's internal lawyers will coordinate the collaboration with our contract lawyers while also acting as your competent contact person. In this way, a long-standing and trust-based collaboration process guarantees reliability and legal quality. Turning to the courts is the logical consequence if the customer fails to pay your outstanding claim after out-of-court requests have been unsuccessful. At the same time, obtaining judgement on the debt remains the prerequisite for a possibly required compulsory enforcement process.

Fairmount works to bring about dunning and enforcement orders at the claims court using its own EDP system, so that applications can be submitted and orders can be obtained without significant time and friction losses.

Monitoring of the account means tracking new developments. In many cases, the financial situation of debtors without means changes over time. To ensure that claims that you have written off can still be turned into payments, we will monitor the claims for which all other options have been exhausted at our own cost. During this process, we will check at regular intervals whether the debtor is solvent again, for a period of up to 30 years.

“Companies with customers in default know how unfamiliar regulations and insufficient knowledge of the local language can make successful receivables management very difficult. Professional help with the collection of receivables forms part of Fairmount’s range of service. We ensure that payments are made promptly - even if your customer is located abroad.

To this end, Fairmount has created its own two-phase model with native speakers, in all relevant languages, and with direct on-site processing if required. This two-level workflow, which is especially designed for international situations, guarantees an optimum collection outcome.”

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